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What you need to know about castor oil.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from castor bean/seed. Similar to hydrotherapy, castor oil has a long history of traditional medical use dating back to ancient Egypt. Although the healing properties of this oil are still unrecognized, the results have been apparent through the years people have been using it.

I use castor oil regularly as a pack applied to the abdomen. Like hydrotherapy, it enhances circulation and promotes healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin. I believe it improves liver function, relieves pain, reduces inflammation and improves digestion.

Castor Oil Pack Treatment

Castor Oil packs aid in the elimination and detoxification of the body. I find it super powerful for adults and children who have stomach aches, and constipation issues. Watch the movie on Castor Oil here.


There are many ways and reasons to use the castor oil pack. Most uses are for the digestion system, but many people use them for headaches, migraines, muscle strains and sprains. There is a fantastic book, The Oil That Heals, by William A. McGarey, M.D., that goes into detail success stories of castor oil treatments.


Do not use with uterine growths, bleeding, pregnancy, and ulcers or while menstruating.


  • Flannel cloth
  • Bath towel (a towel you do not mind if the oil stains)
  • Hot water bottle or electric heating pad
  • At least 6 ounces of castor oil


  1. Pour oil onto flannel (wet but not dripping)
  2. Heat up water for hot water bottle
  3. Lie down and place oiled flannel across belly
  4. Place towel over flannel
  5. Place heating source on top of bath towel
  6. Rest for at least 45 minutes
  7. When finished, place flannel in a container and put in fridge for next use (when you do it again, I suggest you add more oil)