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"Having Dr. Heather help me develop a preventative pharmacy has been great, especially when the kids get sick or under the weather, or while we are traveling. Dr. Heather gave me the basic natural remedies and then expanded it to cover our own special needs: allergy symptoms and sinus stuff for Kamryn and bronchial stuff for Alex."

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I use Emerson Ecologics as my supplement dispensary. They have hundreds of high quality supplements, and great customer service. To order with my doctor discount, you will need to open a patient account and use the below link and codes.

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Emerson Supplements

Below are a few of my favorite supplements with their product codes so you can find them easily.  In addition, I have set up custom form or you can look through their site and find what you need.  If you have any questions, please contact me.


  1. Nordic Naturals Probiotic Product Code W16165
  2. Innate Flora 20-14  Product Code FLOR7
  3. Genestra HMF Powder Product Code SE408

Nordic Natural Oils

  1. ProOmega Lemon Product Code  PROOM
  2. DHA Junior Product Code DHAJU
  3. ProOmega Junior Product Code  PROO6
  4. Balanced Omega Combination Product Code BALA5

Protein Powders

  1. Thorne VegaLite Product Code SP673
  2. Pure Encapsulations: Pure Lean Product Code PLVSB5
  3. Pure Encapsulations: ProBasics Product Code PROB6CA

Green Powder and Herbals

  1. Innate Renewal Greens Product Code I40111
  2. Pure Encapsulations Curcumin Product Code CUB51


  1. Magnelevures 30 sachets  Product Code MAGNE
  2. Perque Potent C Guard Product Code POTE3
  3. Pure Encapsulations  Magnesium glycinate Product Code MAG48
  4. Pure Encapsulations Vitamin Liquid D3 Product Code VDL22
  5. Thorne Basic B Complex Product Code T04032

Everyday Multivitamins

  1. Clinical Nutrients Female Teens  Product Code CLI30
  2. Clinical Nutrients Male Teens  Product Code CLI42
  3. Thorne Al’s Formula for Men Product Code T14065
  4. Thorne Meta Fem Product Code T16052
  5. Ultra PreventionKids Orange Product Code D37287

Back to School Healthy Essentials

  1. Vital Nutrients: Berry Well Immune Support Product Code BEWEL
  2. DHA Junior Product Code DHAJU
  3. ProOmega Junior Product Code  PROO6
  4. Nordic Naturals Probiotic Product Code W16165

Immune Support Essentials

  1. Vital Nutrients: Berry Well Immune Support Product Code BEWEL
  2. Innate MaikeGold 404 Product Code  IB1412
  3. ecoNugenics Ten Mushroom Formula Product Code MYCO6
  4. Pure Encapsulations Liquid Vitamin D3 Product Code VDL22
  5. Boiron Oscillococcimun or Heel FluPlus Product Code OSCI3
  6. Wise Woman Herbal: Immune glycerite Product Code CHIL8
  7. Wise Woman Herbal: Phytoguard Junior Glycinate Product Code 2PJGL
  8. Wise Woman Herbal: Phytobiotic Capsules Product Code PHY28
  9. Wise Woman Herbal: Throat Mist Product Code THRO6
  10. Wise Woman Herbal: CE 1( cough) Product Code HER13
  11. Integrative Therapeutics Echinacea Vitamin C with Elderberry Product Code ECH47

Everyday Essentials

  1. Probiotic ( see above)
  2. Nordic Naturals ( see above)
  3. Multivitamin ( see above)


  1. Homeopathic Travel Kit Product Code HOME8
  2. Homeopathic Family Kit Product Code HOME9

Adrenal/Stress Support

  1. Thorne Basic B Complex Product Code T04032
  2. Metagenics Adreset Product Code ADRES

Digestive Support

  1. Castor Oil Product Code N7675
  2. Cotton Flannel for Castor oil Product Code COTT2
  3. Wise Woman Herbals Fiber Flow Capsules Product Code FIBER
  4. Thorne GI Encap Product Code T03020
  5. Integrative Therapeutics Rhizinate Product Code RHIZI

Seasonal Allergies

  1. Vital Nutrients ALLER-C Product Code VNALL
  2. Douglas Labs Stinging Nettles Product Code NET14

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