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"Dr. Heather has been so helpful for me and my family. I love her practical, intuitive approach to healthcare, especially her emphasis on preventative care. She has taught me so much about nutrition, basic homeopathy, supplements and herbs. What I love most about Dr. Heather is that her goal really is to get you to be proactive, to get you on your OWN path to maintaining wellness. She's not one of those docs that thinks you need to come back for tons of sessions or that makes you spend too much money on supplements and such. She understands what it is to be a busy parent, so her suggestions and solutions are always affordable, practical, easy and do-able!"

"Having Dr. Heather help me develop a preventative pharmacy has been great, especially when the kids get sick or under the weather, or while we are traveling. Dr. Heather gave me the basic natural remedies and then expanded it to cover our own special needs: allergy symptoms and sinus stuff for Kamryn and bronchial stuff for Alex."

"I brought my 10 year old daughter to see Dr. Heather. My daughter, was looking to learn more about health and nutrition, and definitely didn't want to hear it from me. With the assistance of Dr. Heather she was able to take control of her own health and resolve her own issues. Dr. Heather and my daughter created a personal natural pharmacy kit which my daughter loves and I love that she is taking more interest in being proactive in her own health."

SOS 123

The protocols below are suggestions to treat minor ailments. Please be aware that if symptoms do not improve within 24 hours or if the patient is experiencing any trouble breathing that a call to your family care doctor or to 911 is imperative.

Bee Sting

  1. dose of 30c apis
  2. place a mud pack on sting
  3. apply ice or a cold compress

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  1. bach flower – rescue remedy for everyone
  2. dose of 30c apis
  3. apply cool compress

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Bruises, Trauma, Sprined Ankle

  1. rescue remedy
  2. dose of 30c arnica
  3. apply ice compress

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Cold / Flu

  1. bedrest
  2. dose of 30c aconite
  3. sip vitamin c drink, herbal tincture or capsules/tablets

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  1. dose of 30c Calcarea carbonica
  2. drink herbal teas
  3. castor oil pack/alternate with a warm bath with Epsom salts

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  1. dose of 30c spongia
  2. warming t shirt or magic socks
  3. sip herbal tea

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  1. dose of 30c podophyllum
  2. sip warm (not cold) Knudsen’s Recharge (electrolyte drink) and eat toasted brown rice bread with banana
  3. castor oil pack

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Ear Ache

  1. dose of 30c chamomilla
  2. warmed olive oil with a little garlic on a cotton ball and place in affected ear *do not use if child has tympanostomy tubes or any liquid coming from the ear*
  3. magic sock treatment/alternate with hot/cold compress to back of ear

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  1. apply calendula salve
  2. daily essential fatty acid – flax oil or cod liver oil
  3. evaluate diet – avoid wheat/gluten

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  1. dose of 30c belladonna (red and flushed) or aconite (very sudden)
  2. magic socks treatment
  3. sleep back to top

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Growing Pains

  1. dose of 30c eupatorium or arnica
  2. rub arnica cream over affected area

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Sore Throat

  1. dose of 30c belladonna
  2. hot and cold compress to the throat or magic socks
  3. throat coat tea and/or chewable zinc lozenges

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  1. dose of 30c arnica if gums are bleeding or 30c chamomilla if crying
  2. rub clove oil on gums
  3. if it is their first tooth – munch on frozen carrot

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Tummy Ache

  1. dose of 30c arsenicum
  2. tummy drops or chamomilla tea
  3. castor oil pack

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  1. dose of 30c arsenicum
  2. sip warm (not cold) recharge (electrolyte drink)
  3. cold cloth to the forehead

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