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Integrative medicine is the gift of combining both conventional medicine with alternative practices such as Naturopathic, Ayervedic and Chinese medicine. When the brilliance of these modes of healing are used together optimal health is eminent and simple.

My role as a Naturopathic Physician is to provide people with suggestions and guide them on making healthy lifestyle choices, including guidance on nutrition, herbal supplements, hydrotherapy techniques and more. I love the philosophies of Naturopathic Medicine as it provides a platform for supporting the body’s own ability to heal and fight off illness. I try to inspire people to respect and support their bodies.

I have selected supplements for this site that help support the body to be strong, healthy and maintain vitality. I use supplements that work with the body and avoid products that may create more work and disruption of the body’s rhythms and systems. When needed, I recommend herbal immune supplements to stimulate the immune system.

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