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"Having Dr. Heather help me develop a preventative pharmacy has been great, especially when the kids get sick or under the weather, or while we are traveling. Dr. Heather gave me the basic natural remedies and then expanded it to cover our own special needs: allergy symptoms and sinus stuff for Kamryn and bronchial stuff for Alex."

"I brought my 10 year old daughter to see Dr. Heather. My daughter, was looking to learn more about health and nutrition, and definitely didn't want to hear it from me. With the assistance of Dr. Heather she was able to take control of her own health and resolve her own issues. Dr. Heather and my daughter created a personal natural pharmacy kit which my daughter loves and I love that she is taking more interest in being proactive in her own health."

Whole Healthy Living

Everyday wellness is a part of my family’s household. All the products listed below are what I have in my cupboards and what we use on a daily basis to keep our immune systems strong. I have Immune Support supplements handy if I foresee an illness coming on or if we have succumbed to one. All of these suggestions can be purchased through Emerson Ecologics Virtual Dispensary.

Adult Everyday Wellness

  • Pure Encaps 950 and ITI Clinical Nutrients multi vitamin and mineral
  • Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil capsules or liquid
  • Innate Flora 20-14 Probiotic or Probiotic Pearls

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Children’s Everyday Wellness

  • Children’s chewable multivitamin and mineral (the three best choices  are: Pure Encaps Pedia  Nutrients, and NF Formulas/Integrative Therapeutics, and Nordic Berries by Nordic Naturals)
  • Nordic Natural DHA junior (children’s cod liver oil)
  • NF Formulas/Integrative Therapeutics Children’s Probiotic Powder

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Teen Everyday Wellness

  • ITI Clinical Nutrients for teen boys and teen girls
  • Nordic Natural Cod Liver Oil capsules or liquid
  • Innate Flora 20-14 Probiotic or Probiotic Pearls

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Immune Support for Adults & Teens

  • Wise Woman Herbal’s Phytobiotic Capsule or their Immunvir tincture
  • Pure Encapsulations 1000mg vitamin C
  • Wise Woman Herbal Throat Mist
  • An appropriate homeopathic remedy

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Immune Support for Children

  • Chewable tablet – NF Formulas/Integrative Therapeutics Chewable Echinacea / Strawberry
  • Wise Woman Herbal Throat Mist
  • Wise Woman Herbal Children’s Glycerite and Herbal Cough Elizers

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Natural Pharmancy Kit

  • Homeopathy 30c – belladonna, aconite, apis, spongia, arnica, podophyllum, gelsenium, arsenicum, nux vomica eupatorium perfoliatum, chamomilla, ferrum phosphoricum, calcarea carbonica, natrum muriatacum, hepar sulphur, sulphur, lycopodium, pulsatilla
  • Wise Woman Herbal salve – I usually have the 2oz handy
  • Boiron Arnica Cream
  • Bach Flowers Rescue remedy

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Boiron Homeofamily Kit

The ideal is to invest in Boiron homeopathics homeostarter kit/cd. It is a little pricey but lasts a long time and has a great deal of remedies. And the Boiron Homeotravel Kit is a convenient travel pack with homeopathic essentials such as arnica.

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